Topoguide 70 best sites (English)

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From the majestic Dune of Pyla to the site of Saint Hilaire and its easy XC, from seaside soaring to restitution flights above the lakes of the French Alps, discover the most beautiful flying sites in France !

Information in focus:

- For each site you will find a detailed map, access to the site, takeoff orientation, takeoff/landing elevation and GPS coordinates.

- A map of France with the flying sites and their orientations.

- Practical on-site information such as weather stations, weather conditions and useful addresses

- Safety instructions for a pleasant flying experience.

- Advice for usual XC routes.

This topoguide is a selection of 70 flying sites in France –they are probably the most beautiful and easily accessible of the French sites, with the greatest potential for flying. With this book, you have all the information to make your flight easy and safe. You just have to choose your destination!